Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Very new DVDs of very old tapes!

We've now reached the point where it seems as if nobody is using VHS tapes anymore, so when the library prepared for it's move from the AYY campus it told us that it was going to start disposing (ie putting in the bin) a number of VHS tapes which, though once popular, were no longer being taken out.

 Francesca Inskipp & Brigid Proctor
This seemed to be a bit of a shame, so we've had a number of the tapes transferred to DVD. These are not commercial products but simply records of things that have taken place at Newport over the years. For the most part they're of very poor technical quality but they should still be of interest. The following DVDs will be finding their way back to the library over the next couple of weeks -

Brigid Proctor & Francesca Inskipp filmed in 2006 running a workshop on "making the most of supervision.
Gerard Egan running a workshop in 2001
The Smoking Tapes - the work that formed the basis of our first commercial product "The Client, the Counsellor and the Unsuitable Friend"
Michael Jacobs running a workshop in 2003
Windy Dryden running a workshop in 2002
Pete Sanders running a workshop in 2004

I think it's fair to say that the technical quality improves as time goes by but it's still very much the message that should impress you rather than the medium!

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