Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

I probably need to get out more. When I wasn't pondering around various issues relating to transference - who are these people? who do they represent? how are the significant to us? etc etc I was envying the brilliant remote control video cameras the BBC were using in the Abbey.

I tried doing something vaguely similar with the "Creative Exercises In Group Supervision" DVD I made some years ago with Brigid Proctor and Francesca Inskipp. We wedged a domestic camera into the studio roof, switched it on and hoped for the best. The system at the wedding was just a little more sophisticated. Think what sort of video we could make of a Personal Development Group with a few of those BBC cameras.......

A Confidential Space

The latest DVD, "A Confidential Space - Ethical Considerations when Counselling Children and Young People" is now on the market and it looks as if it's going to be well received. The DVD features an interview with Peter Jenkins (by Judith Mulcahy) on the issues relating to confidentiality in therapeutic work with children and young people. This is a complex topic, but Peter conveys some key messages about the value of this counselling with force and clarity. The interview covers a broad range of issues which will be of direct value to practitioners in this challenging field, whether as therapists, trainers, lecturers, managers or supervisors. Peter provides a strong case for building and maintaining high levels of confidentiality in therapeutic work with children and young people, based on research findings and on recent case law.

The DVD is available from our online shop but, as ever, students at  the University of Wales, Newport, will be able to take out a copy from the library.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Year

I've just been watching Mike Leigh's new film "Another Year'. It's one I'd strongly recommend and you can find out more at IMDB (which I'd also recommend!). I'd be interested to hear what you make of the counsellor we see working at the start of the film - she's played by the incomparable Ruth Sheen but I'm not sure that I'd want her as my therapist!