Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Workshop: Integrating Imagery into Cognitive Therapy

Here's notice of a one day workshop to be held at UWN on 16th March. Led by Dr Ann Hackmann, it will explore issues of mental imagery in clinical practice, and how clinicians can use imagery in their work with clients.

Participants will leave this workshop with a clearer picture of how to understand imagery from a clinical and theoretical perspective, how to formulate problems in which imagery plays a role, and how it can be used across a range of client presentations to reduce intrusive imagery, including distorted images of the past, present or future; intrusive memories; metaphorical images and dreams. The workshop will look at theory and research in this field and there will also be an experiential aspect to the day.

Dr Ann Hackmann
Ann has a special interest in imagery, and she has taught and written extensively on the subject. She has recently published the Oxford Guide to Imagery in Cognitive Therapy, with James Bennett-Levy and Emily Holmes. She has also worked on projects on intrusive images and memories in depression with Chris Brewin and in social phobia with Jen Wild and David Clark at the Institute of Psychiatry. Ann worked at Oxford University with Mark Williams on Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) from 2007-2010.

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